Goodreads Giveaway Winners January 2016

A book is a device to ignite the imagination. - Alan Bennett

The January Goodreads giveaway of three signed copies of Cocktails with a Tryst was a huge success. 878 people entered the giveaway. That just blows my mind! So thank all of you who entered and placed the book on your want to read list. If you haven’t joined Goodreads yet, go do it now.

Congratulations to the winners! Winners included: Cy from Wisconsin, P A from Illinois, and Renee from Washington. Signed copies of the book will be in the mail next week. I look forward to reading your thoughts in review.

Do you know why reviews are so important to authors and readers? This article explains it and includes a few things I never thought of before, too.

Cocktails with a Tryst was written with both female and male readers in mind. It’s a great book to read alone or read with a lover. Start reading today and ignite your imagination!

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Cheri Loughlin, Author
Cheri Loughlin, Author
Cheri Loughlin loves to shake things up. This time she shakes things up from bar to bedroom by combining sexy stories, vignette photography and delicious cocktails. Cheri develops signature drink recipes with cocktail photography for liquor companies and artisanal brands as The Intoxicologist by day. When she isn’t creating cocktails or photographing them, she’s reading, writing or making a list of story ideas. Visit the official Cheri Loughlin, Author Facebook page: Join @CheriLoughlin for conversation on Twitter:

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  1. I pretty much agree with you on the giveaways, however I do find it really sad that winners don t review. While I know it s not compulsory, the whole idea of Goodreads is to read and review and share. So why not oblige with books that are won? It seems a contradiction not to do so, or implies people enter for the sake of it and don t take it seriously when they win

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