Blindfolded Part 4

Blindfolded Part 4 (conclusion) - part of the erotic short story collection by Cheri Loughlin -

Blindfolded Part 4 (conclusion)  - part of the erotic short story collection by Cheri Loughlin - www.cheriloughlinauthor.comI rise, straddling the arm of the chair, hovering over your open palm, a knee snuggling against your crotch. Warmth rises against my thigh and your cock weeps salty liquid at its shiny slit. I reach down between thigh and cock, stretching and flattening my middle finger along the smooth flesh at the base of your balls. Your abs ripple as a slow hiss escapes your lips. Your fingertips twitch at the crotch of my lace teddy. I move slowly over your hand, barely grazing your fingertips.

Leaning in close to your ear I whisper, “Unsnap me, please,” as I exhale heated breath on your neck. My right hand cups your balls while my middle finger continues to massage the silken flesh beneath your cock.

Your fingers become bathed in the slick warm juices flooding from my pussy. I slide over your fingers, savoring the pleasure of your touch. Each stroke brings a new tremor of excitement to my pussy. My nipples tighten with agonizing pleasure.

My fingers glide up the length of your shaft. I step away, leaning down to suckle my wetness from your fingertips. My right hand cradles your shaft and I smear the slickness from your weeping slit around the crown with my thumb. Your engorged cock grows larger and angrier in my palm. I lower myself to you, slicking myself along your shaft, mixing our wetness.

The game is long over. You remove the blindfold and place one hand at my hip while the other hand entangles in my hair at my neck.  You pull me roughly toward your lips. Your eyes smolder with desire. The kiss is full of unbridled passion. I move slowly, slipping along your cock, feeling the tension build as our breathing deepens.

And then you fill me, pressing as deep as possible, plunging and pulsing. A heavy breath escapes us both and we still, taking in the heat, sweat, and tension of the moment. A twitch of a smile emerges from your lips. I rock my hips forward. You move under me in perfect rhythm. We rock back and forth at a slower pace than before, drawing out our pleasure, savoring the moment. My toes tingle, weakening my knees. Prickling sensations waft from my fingertips to my elbows. I hold tight to the arms of the chair and lean back into the grasp of your hands spanning my lower waist and hips. You pull me closer to your pulsating cock. I grind into you. As you bulge and pulse, the tip of your cock head massages my perfect spot sending me spiraling into orgasmic bliss. I hear myself crying out blessings, curses and inaudible groans.

We are sated in a pool of sweaty, trembling bliss. The silk tie lies next to us with the promise of even greater future escapades.

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Cheri Loughlin, Author
Cheri Loughlin, Author
Cheri Loughlin loves to shake things up. This time she shakes things up from bar to bedroom by combining sexy stories, vignette photography and delicious cocktails. Cheri develops signature drink recipes with cocktail photography for liquor companies and artisanal brands as The Intoxicologist by day. When she isn’t creating cocktails or photographing them, she’s reading, writing or making a list of story ideas. Visit the official Cheri Loughlin, Author Facebook page: Join @CheriLoughlin for conversation on Twitter:

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