Blindfolded Part 2

I slink down the length of your chest, kissing from neck to navel until I rest upon my knees. Kneeling before you is my favorite pleasure zone view. I love your smile. It flirts with curiosity and temptation before widening to utter sexual charm. Your hands find their way to my hips once more. I fiddle with the knot in your tie and confiscate it. The fabric is silky smooth against my fingertips. I loosely twirl the long sash around the palm of my hand and wrist. The fabric gently flows, slipping easily in lazy circles, round and round.

“This will come in quite handy,” I wink, and drape the tie over the arm of the chair.

You lean in for a kiss, bringing a fingertip under my chin to lift me closer. I begin unbuttoning your shirt, removing the cares of your day button by button. After reaching the last button I flatten my hands to your torso and glide them up over your abs, fingering your taut peaked nubs. You flex your pecs as I slip my hands under the fabric at your shoulders. The shirt slips to the hardwood floor with a soft whisper of consent.

I slink down the length of your chest, kissing from neck to navel until I rest upon my knees. Kneeling before you is my favorite pleasure zone view. My fingers toy with the clasp of your belt, teasingly dipping my fingers beneath the band of your trousers to tickle at your aroused flesh. Your cock swells beneath the fabric. I trace the teeth of the zipper with my fingernail. Your cock twitches.

The zipper teeth make a slow, steady biting echo as I slowly drag it downward. I peer up at you beneath my eager lashes. Your eyes have grown darker, lids heavy. Lust; dark, hungry, aching lust, is a beautiful thing to behold.

The belt buckle clangs as it hits the wood floor, landing along with the crumpled pile of trousers at your feet. You blink, but are still riveted to my eyes. I give the head of your cock a well-rounded lick, twirling with my tongue as your bulbous head twitches at my liquid touch.  I direct my tongue to swirl around the rim before taking just the tip of your cock head into my mouth for a leisurely kiss. Your head rolls back slightly. You exhale with a heavy breath of surrender. This is precisely what I had in mind – sensual teasing to the point of ecstasy.

You are completely stripped and at my mercy in the chair; it is time for the real teasing to begin

…Blindfolded Part 3 coming soon.

© Cheri Loughlin 2015

Cheri Loughlin, Author
Cheri Loughlin, Author
Cheri Loughlin loves to shake things up. This time she shakes things up from bar to bedroom by combining sexy stories, vignette photography and delicious cocktails. Cheri develops signature drink recipes with cocktail photography for liquor companies and artisanal brands as The Intoxicologist by day. When she isn’t creating cocktails or photographing them, she’s reading, writing or making a list of story ideas. Visit the official Cheri Loughlin, Author Facebook page: Join @CheriLoughlin for conversation on Twitter:

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